Tax deduction

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Tax deduction

Tax deduction for domestic cleaning is a significant advantage that grants you a 50 % tax deduction (year 2017).

The expenses of work you have somebody do at your home are partly tax-deductible. The deduction is personal. The maximum deduction is 2400 euros and the threshold (de minimis) 100 euros. Deduction is granted in the year that the wages, employer’s contributions, or other compensation for labour or service is paid.

Domestic help credit is granted to persons, who pay wages or other compensation for common domestic work done in their home, or for the maintenance or reconstruction of their home. Other compensation for labour or service refers to a payment other than wages made to a company or a private person acting as an entrepreneur, and for example to corporations operating for the public good. The deduction is not granted to housing companies, other communities or companies.

Both spouses can individually be granted the 2400 -euro deduction. The deduction is divided between the spouses as they have asked before the end of the taxation period. If the deduction or a part of it cannot be granted to the spouse who asked for it, the rest will be deducted from the other spouse’s taxes.

You can find further information on the Tax Administration’s website by clicking here and the tax deduction form by clicking here.


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