Household management

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Household management

Profiili Palvelut Oy takes professional care off all chores related to household management. We enable you to spend your spare time as you wish.

Domestic cleaning can be tailored according to your needs. Cleaning hours, cleaning frequency, and the chores are determined together with the customer.

Your domestic cleaning service can include for example the following chores:

vacuuming floors
mopping/ mopping up floors
airing out carpets
sauna facilities
window cleaning
sheet changing
customer requests

euro/ man-hour incl. 24% VAT

Contract cleaning
Prices from Monday to Friday 39,79 €
After the 50 %- tax deduction 19,90 €

Contract cleaning in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa
Prices from Monday to Friday 44,93 €
After the 50 %- tax deduction 22,47 €

One-time cleaning
Prices from Monday to Friday 49,60 €
After the 50 %- tax deduction 24,80 €

Profiili Palvelut Oy charges their customers afterwards every month, a service charge of 3,97 € incl. 24% VAT is added to the bill. The service charge includes travel and office expenses.

We send our customers a joint charging list automatically at the turn of the year for the domestic help credit. For sending a joint charging list in the middle of the year we charge 12,60 € incl. 24% VAT.

Minimum time for domestic cleaning is 2 hours. We use the customers’ cleaning equipment and agents. For Profiili´s equipments and agents we charge 15,90 € incl. 24 % VAT.

We have liability insurance in case of accidents.

We make more than 1000 house calls every month.
Remember the 50 % domestic help credit. You can also get tax deduction for work you have somebody do in your parents’ home.


ma-pe klo 8.00-16.00
Gsm 040 736 0595


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